Diabetes Excellence Network

Since our founding in 1994, from a single ‘Centre of Excellence’, was born a nationwide diabetes care network providing a comprehensive diabetes treatment and management programme based on appropriate, best-practice, integrated diabetes care principles. Apart from intensive glycaemic control and risk factor management, this programme promotes a holistic, individualized care approach.

CDE has advocated for the interests of all healthcare professionals in South African (medical doctors and allied healthcare professionals) that share our passion for diabetes care and who have affiliated with our Network.

The CDE Diabetes Management Programme (DMP) is designed to ensure that persons with diabetes receive the best diabetes care possible.

It has been shown in well-established trials that a multidisciplinary team approach is required to achieve best health outcomes.

The Diabetes Management Programme provides holistic, person-centred care provided by a range of appropriate practitioners, including doctors, dieticians, ophthalmologists / optometrists, podiatrists and importantly, diabetes educators (registered nurse diabetes care specialists who act as mentors and coaches and provide education and support to people living with diabetes).

In effect, each member on the programme has a customised treatment plan that facilitates the achievement of realistic and individualised clinical targets.

Full, specialised team support is available to our members through these therapeutic partnerships to optimise member care.

CDE now includes walk-in Diagnostic Centres in different provinces with Type 1 Centre’s of Excellence offering comprehensive services for people with type 1 diabetes through a multidisciplinary-team approach. The unique team includes endocrinologists, podiatrists, ophthalmologists, dietitians, certified diabetes educators, laboratories and pharmacies. Over and above these services, our facilities include dentists, wound care specialists, dialysis and renal care, urologists, gynaecologists, cardiologists, audiologists – to name but a few.

These Diagnostic Centres are a one-stop for persons living with diabetes and other conditions.

Together, we can do more for people with diabetes and associated chronic conditions and risk factors.