CDE AI Renal Care

CDE has partnered with nephrologists to provide renal care evaluation and treatment at CDE diagnostic centres nationally. Our offering includes the latest renal dialysis technology and diagnostic equipment as well as access to a diabetologist, nephrologist and laboratory facilities. This service includes prevention, treatment and support for people who require outpatient-based chronic renal dialysis.


Dialysis is the process of purifying the blood using an external artificial kidney. We have employed specialist nephrologists, dialysis nurses and technicians to provide this service to everyone who requires support.

As diabetes is the leading cause of kidney failure, our mission is to actively reduce that incidence by either prevention through managed care or, extending healthy living through the support of dialysis.

Source: Dr Haroon Tayob, Nephrologist at the CDE AI Renal Care Division 

Partner medical aid schemes are accepted.

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