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Understanding the importance of nutrition as part of client-centered diabetes care, the CDE has created the ‘CDE Nutrition Division’. CDE Nutrition aims to provide a total nutrition solution for those living with diabetes, be it educational material, recipes or various products.

There are many dietary interventions and eating patterns that can be used for the management of diabetes, and ultimately it comes down to individualisation and sustainability. In certain circumstances, evidence-based commercial products may be indicated for the management of diabetes co-morbidities. The CDE thus works with numerous companies to bring a selection of nutritional products to those living with diabetes.

CDE Nutrition also aims to upskill dietitians and other healthcare professionals who deliver nutrition education to those living with diabetes. Various training opportunities are available, ranging from courses to webinars and journal clubs. CDE Nutrition has also developed client education material which can be purchased and used in the practice of healthcare professionals.


Obesity is a prevalent, complex, progressive, and relapsing chronic disease, characterised by abnormal or excess adiposity, which impairs health. A VLCD Programme can form one of the possible tools for the management of obesity and its health consequences. A VLCD is intended to ‘kick-start’ a wellness journey and is intended to be a short-term approach.

In this Course we explore the advantages of a VLCD Programme and why this approach is often more successful in achieving and maintaining weight-loss in many individuals. We cover the benefits of using a VLCD Programme for various conditions and explore the inclusion and exclusion criteria, as well as situations when caution should be applied. An in-depth overview on how to implement the various phases of a VLCD Programme will then be covered, as well as the use of physical activity as part of a lifestyle intervention.

This course incorporates information from the latest guidelines in obesity management and aims to optimise the treatment of individuals with overweight / obesity. It offers various learning formats, from individual readings to recorded presentations, which can be watched at leisure. This Course also forms the foundation for future master classes on the use of VLCDs.

Each module consists of the following:

  • A narrated video lesson with the accompanying script
  • Pre- & post Module assessment
  • Reflection activity on the Module learnings
  • Case Study
  • A written Module summary

A summative assessment concludes the course.

Participants are eligible for 23 CPD points upon completing the VLCD Course. The cost of the Course is ZAR 2300 (incl. VAT).

For more information and to enrol in the VLCD Course for Healthcare Professionals, CLICK HERE.

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Interested in brushing up your skills in the diabetes space? 

graduation hat on laptopThe CDE offers various different webinars around the topic of diabetes that will assist in upskilling healthcare professionals who manage people with diabetes. Take a look at our available webinars and see if any of them spark your interest.

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The CDE has developed various handouts that can be used as part of nutrition counselling of people living with diabetes.

These will be uploaded as they are available and can be purchased at a nominal fee – either individually or as a bundled package.

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We would like to equip you with the skills to make healthy food choices as part of a balanced and wholesome lifestyle. This book aims to provide you with knowledge of the basics of nutrition to help you understand how to plan safe and delicious meals as part of a very low calorie diet (VLCD) approach.

The first section of the book explains the basics of nutrition. Here you learn the basics of the macronutrients that provide energy and how these need to be managed to achieve a calorie restricted approach to eating. Further, you will be taught how to read food labels to guide you in selecting healthier food items. There is a section on what a VLCD entails, including the mechanism of action, benefits, phases and considerations. We also cover a vital section on mindful eating.

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The CDE offers a number of different products that can be used as part of a balanced eating pattern in diabetes management.

Take a look at our Online Store and consult your dietitian to see what would be appropriate for you.

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