CDE Pharmacy

heart monitorWelcome to the CDE Pharmacy. Our team of skilled Pharmacists & Pharmacy Assistants are available at all times to cater for your needs (both specialised and day-to-day requirements).

The CDE Pharmacy is a comprehensively stocked, specialised diabetes dispensary, offering access to the latest diabetes medication in diabetes therapy as well as other chronic medication. We pride ourselves, in the care, professional advice and guidance given to our clients as soon as they step through the doors.

The CDE Pharmacy boasts a fully stocked front shop, that specialises in a wide variety of products that cater for the nutritional needs of people living with diabetes. This includes a vast range of sugar-free and low carb food options, all under one roof. Making healthy choices is important in the management of diabetes and other chronic conditions and the pharmacy provides the health consumer access to all these products when visiting the store.   

Contact us:

81 Central Street,

Tel: +27 11 053 4400