CDE Managed Care

4The CDE has over 27 years of experience in the delivery of diabetes managed healthcare.

The CDE Care Programmes facilitate and ensure that good diabetes management principles are applied, resulting in improved health for health consumers that are under the CDE care, as well as an improved health risk and cost burden for healthcare funders.

CDE has a network of Healthcare Professionals  who provide quality outcomes-based care.

CDE Care Programmes

The CDE have defined programmes that are available to healthcare funding providers:

  • The CDE Traditional Care Plan
  • The CDE Standard Care Plan
  • The Micare Plan

Each plan ensures that enrolled members receive the best possible care in the management of their diabetes.

Benefits of the CDE programme:

  • Expert diabetes care to health consumers;
  • Member centric care;
  • Treatment plans that are tailored for each member to maintain good diabetes control;
  • Specialised therapy review;
  • Access to a 24-hour diabetes hotline;
  • Free glucose meter to all CDE members;
  • Doctor consultations;
  • Dietitian consultations;
  • Podiatry consultations;
  • Diabetes Nurse Educator consultations;
  • Access to Optometry;
  • Access to diabetes educational material.

To find out more about the CDE diabetes care programmes, contact us.