CDE Consultancy

In the field of diabetes care, CDE has an unmatched track record, Diabetes Care, Diabetes Education, and successful diabetes programmes are all core functions of the CDE's clinical faculty, which comprises many of the country's foremost diabetes experts.

CDE's extensive management team can provide significant Specialist, Endocrine and GP support as well as a robust clinical advisory capacity. In addition, the company's management team has extensive experience and expertise related to managed healthcare.

CDE offers ongoing advice to different stakeholders in healthcare in South Africa and other markets, from both a clinical and a managed healthcare perspective.

The CDE provides this benefit to medical aid schemes that contract with it for managed healthcare services at no extra charge. Other stakeholders can access this benefit through consultancy agreements.

Consultancy requests typically concern:

  • Implementing diabetes best practices within a unique marketplace
  • A successful deployment of doctor networks for diabetes management
  • Provide upskilling, education, mentoring, and support to healthcare workers involved in diabetes care.
  • A reimbursement and funding model that is appropriate for diabetes care.
  • consolidation of new diabetes advancements and medications into promoting resolutions and models.

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